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Crypto exchanger Faast integrated into Bitaccess bitcoin teller machines - BtcIndex

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My experience with the API and why you should probably avoid it.

A little over a year ago I discovered faast a new crypto swapping website from bitaccess, the folks that run a bunch of bitcoin ATMs. I tried it and I was very impressed with the selection of pairs and the speed of the swaps, but the fees felt a little high for me.
I stumbled on their API and in hopes I might be able to save myself some coin and maybe even earn some coin by integrating it into some projects I had gestating for awhile, I decided to sign up as an affiliate and build some test cases that utilized their API under conditions that simulate the real world as much as possible.
Because their sandbox was so limited I used their live endpoints for testing, creating 439 swaps and completing 43 of them over the course of a few months.
1 in 10 felt like a good number for completions, but I noticed the API would return 500 errors, mostly 503's if there were more than a couple of outstanding swaps. This could be an issue if integrated in an app that got popular because the app would need to call the endpoint for each unique user, but the API provides no way to distinguish new user, new swap vs existing user new swap. Ergo an API that silently limits the number of outstanding swaps, or having it throw an error would create a lot of issues for an end user of any app built on top if the app saw any real world usage at all.
After a few months of working with it, I realized it will probably never be reliable enough to work under real world loads so I abandoned it. But because I had completed 43 swaps I did leave some commissions on the table to the tune of 0.013 BTC about $50 ~ $65 at the time.
Last month while assessing my crypto positions I noticed the value of that position had climbed and realized it would be a shame to leave $100 on the table, but their affiliate system will not allow you to withdraw any commissions unless they exceed 0.015 BTC. So I decided to just do a few more big swaps to get my commission up to the minimum so I could get it off the table.
One of my swaps returned a USDC endpoint instead of TUSD, my code was not prepared for that and sent funds.
Once I realized what happened, I freaked out, but I was impressed with customer service's ability to deal with the situation quickly and in a professional manner.
Nevertheless I was left wondering why did the API return USDC on TUSD? Maybe a bug in my code, maybe a bug in theirs, I honestly don't know, but it spooked me and I decided to just get my money out as quickly as possible, so I performed more swaps in an effort to finally reach the minimum withdrawal amount.
After finally getting it up to the threshold, I initiated a withdrawal and I waited. Then I waited some more, then I waited some more.
Finally after 24hrs I decided to send an email to figure out where my money went.
I got passed from person to person, until Moe Adham finally responded.
I've been dealing with them for 3 days now. I've explained myself repeatedly, my potential use cases and the fact that I never built an app, but only some unit tests. I have yet to receive my money.
Here's the truth people. They do have an easy to use API. My experience is that it has been flaky and unreliable, when put into test cases meant to simulate reasonable use, but on the plus side it hasn't had major changes over the year and some of the flakiness might be due to a misconfigured proxy.
What concerns me the most is that they do ex-post facto reviews on apps prior to paying any earned commissions. I could understand this if the purpose were to see if the commissions were legitimately earned or not. But that's not the case here. All of my swaps initiated from the same IP address range and out of 43 swaps there were only 5 or 6 unique addresses, all of which I'm in control of.
So what faast is doing right now really does have all the hallmarks of a classic stall tactic.
First off, there are no questions about use cases asked before signup, and no approval or review process upfront. So why is there one on the backend AFTER commissions are earned, owed and payment expected?
Secondly, this review wasn't some sort of automated trigger caused by my first activity. It was only when trying to exit the platform that I started to get the third degree and it wasn't even my exit that triggered it. To get even this far in the process, it took me sending an email asking where the money went that I got any response at all. Had I not reached out to them, I doubt I would have heard anything back from them at all.
The experience hasn't all been bad and the company seems legit. faast is owned by the bitcoin ATM company bitaccess and as a result I don't think they are going away any time soon. Furthermore they are in fact responsive to emails which is more than I can say for most exchanges. And as I mentioned I had one swap go awry and they did handle it professionally rather than tell me "to bad, so sad, sux to be you" like a lot of exchanges do.
However if you are a developer and looking at their API with hopes of integrating it into anything I'd advise extreme caution.
  1. The API gets flaky under real world loads. The sandbox is severely limited.
  2. The required commission amount is higher than you could expect to earn in a reasonable time frame of a month to a quarter. Even setting my commission rate to the max of 5% in order to ensure I get to the threshold as quickly as possible, it took nearly a year to get there.
  3. They don't appear to be in a position to pay any commissions you would have otherwise earned. At least not without a lot of hassle. Nothing automated there.
  4. The ex-post facto review process seems to be put in place specifically to limit their need to payout.
    1. Their affiliate agreement which Moe was quick to point to, says they don't actually need to pay you the commissions you've earned. Should they, in their sole discretion decide not to pay up, then they owe you nothing.
As result I'd advise aspiring developers to look elsewhere.
If they do by some chance decide to pay me, I'll update this thread and let you know. But I know for my part at least, this is my exit and a warning to others to avoid faast .
Imagine putting in all the effort to develop a real world app, market it, build a user base and when it comes time to collect your earnings, you find out they aren't actually obligated to pay, don't want to pay and suddenly have "questions" about your app's usage of their API.
Imagine a review process where you are left trying to explain very simple concepts like unit testing to their ops manager Moe who appears to not understand the software development lifecycle nor why anyone would want to do unit and integration testing; Instead of intuitively understanding that test cases are required for any serious software he decides to call it spammy and abusive to have a 10% completion rate on swaps. I mean really, if this is a concern why are they not monitoring the endpoints and sending an email asking what's going on, during the actual development cycle? Why is it an issue only AFTER I ask for my money?
I don't know what's going on over there. But I'm writing off 0.015 BTC because I know its not likely to ever be returned. YMMV, but as for me, I felt I should give a review and advise caution.
Has anyone else had similar problems?
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Two bitcoin ATMs have been stolen in Amsterdam

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What is the point of atms if they're going to shut down operations everytime the price goes down?

I'm in Toronto, I've had this problem several times. First time the price dropped below $400 CAD i went to buy Bitcoin at the Robocoin machine on Bloor street and it didn't work, once the price went up to $480-500 the machine was functioning again. Then I went yesterday when the price was still around $400 CAD and the machine stopped working again.
Then I went to Cavirtex atm at Yorkdale, my first time there, out of service. Called their number no support.
Such a terrible look.
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Canada: Crypto Exchanges Must Register With Financial Watchdog Next June

Canada: Crypto Exchanges Must Register With Financial Watchdog Next June
Cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada will be legally required to register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FinTRAC) as of June 1, 2020, according to a notice published on July 10.
This requirement will come into effect along with other amendments to Canada’s new anti-money-laundering (AML) laws next year.
Crypto exchanges will also reportedly be required to observe Know Your Customer policies and report any suspicious transactions to the Canadian watchdog; this also includes keeping records of their clients and hiring a compliance officer for their platform.
A report by The Globe and Mail notes that up until now, compliance with these policies has been voluntary, but some exchanges have chosen to do so anyway.
The motivation for implementing the new policies is reportedly to get Canadian banks onboard and in cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges.
According to Lori Stein, a partner at business law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, Canadian financial institutions have historically been concerned about the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing via crypto exchanges. Stein said:
“The hope is that now that there is going to be a requirement to register and comply, and oversight by FinTRAC, that banks and other financial entities are going to be more open to providing services to and dealing with virtual-currency businesses.”
However, Stein points out that some international exchanges may not be willing to comply with the new Canadian rules. Some other experts reportedly agree, saying that having mandatory regulation requirements could result in cryptocurrency exchanges opting to exit from the Canadian marketplace.
The CEO of blockchain startup Bitaccess, Moe Adham, told The Globe and Mail, “I expect to see a number of firms relocate outside of Canada, as well as international firms limiting access to Canadians.”
The new regulatory policies may also drive crypto exchange customers away, some say. “This has the potential to drive cryptocurrency underground again," said Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare’s AML officer, Charlene Cieslik. Cieslik said that customers who do not want to reveal their information to exchanges, would likely just transact with each other directly.
As previously reported by Cointelegraph, a bill was signed in 2014 that required some foreign entities to register with FinTRAC for Bitcoin (BTC) payments.
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Major Cryptocurrencies Are Rallying This Morning As the Jump in Bitcoin’s Price Following the Maintenance Shutdown of BitMEX Sparks Further Concerns About Price Manipulation in Bitcoin Markets

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Bitcoin ATM Global Market Overview

Bitcoin ATM Global Market Overview
Bitcoin ATM Global Market Overview

The BitLicense aroused a big buzz when the a big ATM operator Coinsource announced its granting of BitLicnese, a virtual currency trading license for cryptocurrency trading service; As reported from Cointelegraph, it took 3 years to be granted since the first application to New York Financial Securities(NYFS).
This obviously indicates the advancing development of Bitcoin ATM industry since the first Bitcoin ATM came out in Vancouver, Canada on 29th October 2013.

Overall Global Data

After about 5 years development, bitcoin ATM industry sees increase in market capital and maturity.
Bearish Bitcoin price meet downturn though, Bitcoin ATM is growing continuously in installation, capital, distribution and the manufacturer.
The latest statistic from CoinatmRadar( the biggest bitcoin ATM data research institution) reported that there are 3949 bitcoin ATMs in total worldwide until Nov. 05, 2018. Although increasing speed declines with the sluggish bitcion market, we can still see 1849 ATMs increased with 89% growth rate from 2079 ATMs to 3927 in 2018. Now, the crypto ATMs installation speed rises to 6 machine per day. It’s estimated to reach a figure of $16.3 million of market capital in 2018

Industry:Continuous Increase in installation, profit, manufacturers

Distribution of bitcoin ATMs across Continents:

The wide awareness of bitcoin and cryptocurrency promote the bitcoin ATM adoption cross the world.
It’s no strange that North America and Europe share the large percentage since the economic and population provide the best environment for the use of bitcoin ATM by the majority.
A study conducted by MarketsandMarkets reported that the Bitcoin ATM market will see annual growth of 54% between 2018 to 2023, when the whole industry is forecast to reach $145 million.

Incredibly Increasing High Profit When Emerging Market’s Struggling

In bitcoin ATM, the profit is mainly from transaction fee with an average of 7%-10% both in buy side and sell side. It’s reported a bitcoin ATM machine comes with $10k to $30k transaction a month with the highest reaching to $100k. The average transaction is 130 times per machine per month. Coindesk even reported Lamassu's survey of $1,000–$3,000 each month earning which equates to annual earnings for ATM operators of between $12,000 and $36,000 per unit.

Increasing Bitcoin ATM Manufacrture:

The growing awareness of bitcoin also attracted many investors into Bitcoin ATM business. The biggest bitcoin ATM tracking Radar coinatmRadar reveals 42 typical bitcoin ATM manufacturers and 31 Bitcoin ATM service operators globally. DOBI ATM, as the biggest bitcoin ATM manufacuter in Chinawas also listed.
It’s a newly but of great potential to in digital currency payment solution.
It’s obviously seen from the market share below that Genesis Coin, General Bytes, Lamassu, BitAccess and Coinsource dominant the industry, though. Some newly manufacturer startups also see great potential.
DOBI ATM as highly potential newcomers is striving to provide everyone easy access to buy ans sell bitcoin in hardware solution and software development.
Supported by the a capital group , Currently there’s over 200 business-to-business operators worldwide and now is the biggest Bitcion ATM manufacurer in China


Seeing from the whole cryptocurrency industry chain, there are mining, digital currency exchange, crypto wallet, media and services field, token release company and payment field. Cryptocurrency exchange functions most important for its huge power in liquidity and profitability.
There’s no doubt the blockchain technology will overturn the whole world revelutionary after 10 year’s development since the release of Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.; And no one would suspect the financial role cryptocurrency is playing, especially in payment field.
Bitcoin ATM can both work as an alternative for exchange and payment solution for daily life. It surely see great market confidence.
DOBI ATM still holds that only project with practical solution in real world that survives at last.
Bitcoin ATM just helps the adoption of wide use of bitcoin in daily payment among the ordinary.
Let’s witness how the cryptocurrency and bitcoin ATM industry expand.
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Dash on Faast & Bitcoin ATMs! (Pre-Proposal— we'd love your feedback :)

Hey Dash Community!

We recently submitted a pre-prosoal for integrating Dash into Faast (instant exchange platform) and our international network of Bitcoin ATMs, which will soon incorporate Faast and allow users to buy and sell Dash with cash on the spot.

We've received some great comments and inbox messages on the forum, but since we know the whole Dash community doesn't necessarily post there, we'd like to cast a wider net and share our idea with Dash fans on Reddit.

When you have a minute, check it out and let us know— what did you like? Is there anything that could be more clear? We need your help to make this the best project for supporting the Dash ecosystem it can be, so if you any questions or comments, please share! :)

Thanks so much, and we look forward to helping grow the Dash community!

-The Bitaccess Team
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Low Volume Coin in Canada

So I had made a post and googled around to find the best way to buy low volume coin in canada - here is my results.
I purchased Flexepin and spent about 2 days trying to find a site that would take a measly $20 on Flexepin - many would only take $25-50. I went with The Flexepin fee was $1.95 and for my $20 pin I received 0.00559373 worth of bit coin, which was about $18 on that day. I received the coin to my wallet in about 2 hours.
A day or so later I found a Bitcoin ATM - it took cash (weird paper used for goods and services), I had a $20 in my wallet so I figured I'd giv'er. It was super simple to use, but it never told me the amount I would receive or the fees - so you basically go in blind until it appears in your wallet ( I would not use again, not worth it) For my $20 in cold hard cash I received 0.00373393 which was about $12.5 at the time.
TL:DR Flexepin + is the easiest, quickest cheapest way to buy low volume coin in Cananda (without already being verified on an exchange)
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Simple (famous last words) wallet question

Been lurking for a few days now reading a ton of old posts. Forgive me if this has been answered but I haven't seen it yet. I have a BitAccess machine beside my work and it stares at me when I walk by. Secondly just last week an online vendor I use is now accepting Bitcoin with 25 percent off at checkout.
So I figure time to learn me some BTC. I've downloaded Coinbase (an exchange and wallet?) Blockchain (a wallet?) and BreadWallet (a wallet?)
I've been trying for 2 days to verify my CC through Coinbase and it's not being friendly and there customer support live chat is very frustrating. Anyways, if I have a BTM (BitAccess) beside me, can I entirely skip Coinbase and just deposit to a wallet? I haven't decided on which wallet to use Blockchain or BreadWallet. I seem to enjoy the Blockchain interface much more but people on Reddit seem to frown upon it. I'm not into this for investment purposes at this point. This current adventure of mine is to applicably learn about BTC through a small deposit and playing with a transfer here and there. My next online purchase is $800 so I want to make sure I'm comfortable before I drop some hundreds into this digital currency cloud of mystery.
I guess my main question is can I skip Coinbase completely with the BTM beside me AND which wallet is best suited for my current needs. I understand that in the future I will need to explore new security and options but for now, I'd like this as simple as possible and grow from there. Any help would much appreciated!
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08-09 07:32 - '70+ Bitcoin companies, exchange and wallets that did NOT agree to Segwit2x' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/jtos3 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 296-306min

Bitfinex - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Kraken - world's largest EUR Bitcoin exchange based on volume
LocalBitcoins - world's largest P2P Bitcoin exchange
Bitstamp - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Gemini - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Poloniex - world's largest cryptocurrency exchange
Bittrex - world's second largest cryptocurrency exchange
BitQuick - major cash to Bitcoin exchange in the USA
Vaultoro - gold/bitcoin exchange
VirWoX - world's largest Paypal to Bitcoin exchange
Zebpay - one of India's largest Bitcoin exchanges
CoinMama - one of the world's largest credit card to Bitcoin brokers
BitPanda - one of Europe's largest Bitcoin brokers - top global Bitcoin and crypto exchange
coinhouse - credit card to Bitcoin broker run by Ledger - one of Europe's largest P2P Bitcoin exchanges
Bittylicious - one of the UK's largest Bitcoin brokers
Coinfloor - European Bitcoin broker and exchange
BitBargain - UK Bitcoin exchangd
Paymium - Bitcoin broker based in France
Bity - large European Bitcoin exchange
Satoshi Counter - Canadian OTC Bitcoin exchange
Bitaccess - Canadia Bitcoin ATM network
SurBitcoin - Venezuela's largest Bitcoin exchange
Cryptobuyer - Venezuelan Bitcoin exchange
bit2c - Israel's top Bitcoin exchange
Bits of Gold - Israel's largest Bitcoin broker
CoinHako - one of Singapore's largest Bitcoin exchanges
Volabit - Mexican Bitcoin exchange
Satoshi Tango - Latin American Bitcoin exchange
Mercado Bitcoin - Brazilian Bitcoin exchange
FOXBIT - Brazilian Bitcoin exchange
OKCoin - Chinese Bitcoin exchange
Huobi - Chinese Bitcoin exchange
LakeBTC - Bitcoin exchange
Gatecoin - Bitcoin exchange
Bitrefill - mobile phone topups with Bitcoin
CoinJar - Australian Bitcoin broker
BuyaBitcoin - Australian cash to bitcoin exchange
Coin Loft - Australian cash to Bitcoin exchange
Urdubit - Bitcoin exchange based in Pakistan
Bitcoin Cambodia - Camobdian Bitcoin broker
Bitt - Caribbean Bitcoin exchange - Indonesia's largest Bitcoin exchange
Coincheck - one of Japan's largest Bitcoin exchanges - one of Thailand's largest Bitcoin brokers/exchange - one of Thailand's largest Bitcoin brokers/exchange
MaiCoin - Taiwanese Bitcoin exchange
Bitonic - Dutch Bitcoin broker
Bitrush - Dutch Bitcoin broker
BitBay - Bitcoin broker based in Poland
Bitcoin Romania - largest Romanian Bitcoin exchange & broker
Nairaex - Nigeria's largest Bitcoin exchange
Bitsewa - Nepal's largest Bitcoin exchange
Wall of Coins - major US cash to Bitcoin exchange
LibertyX - major US cash to Bitcoin exchange
CoinCorner - European Bitcoin broker
Cubits - European Bitcoin broker
Bitit - European Bitcoin broker
itBit - OTC Bitcoin trading
Anycoin Direct - European Bitcoin broker
Belgacoin - large European Bitcoin exchange/broker
Bisq - decentralized Bitcoin exchange
KeepKey - hardware Bitcoin wallet
Ledger Wallet - hardware Bitcoin wallet
TREZOR - hardware Bitcoin wallet
Electrum - Bitcoin desktop wallet
GreenAddress - Bitcoin web wallet
Slush Pool - Bitcoin mining pool
Samourai Wallet - Android Bitcoin wallet
breadwallet - most popular iOS Bitcoin wallet
Mycelium - popular Android Bitcoin wallet
Please help list more in the comments.
70+ Bitcoin companies, exchange and wallets that did NOT agree to Segwit2x
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Author: jtos3
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ATMs in Bangkok or Thailand in general

Hey there on coinAtmRadar I found only one ATM in Bangkok and seems to be unavailable too (, does anybody know if it is actually working or there are other bitcoin ATMs in Thailand? Or other ways I can exchange some BTC for local TBH ? Thankzzz!
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I'm going to give a bitcoin paper wallet to HSH Hans-Adam II, the Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein in less than two weeks.

On the 23rd of February I am going to attend an award ceremony in Liechtenstein because I got third place at an Austrian Economics essay contest run by the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation (ECAEF). A foundation run jointly by the Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein's brother and cousin.
At this event in Vaduz, I will be handed a 2,000 Euro check by the Sovereign Prince himself, and I will be given the opportunity to present my essay (with a power point presentation) in front of an audience.
I intend to hand everyone in the audience (They haven't gotten back to me about how many people that would be but here is a video of the 2013 award ceremony), including the Sovereign Prince and the president of the ECAEF, a leaflet containing a paper wallet with CHF 5.00 and instructions on how to redeem and use the coins.
Here is a template.
Top right is front, top left is back, bottom left is interior left, bottom right is interior right.
On top of "" I will put a business card for the bitcoin buying/selling business my girlfriend and I have started (we are seriously aiming to have a licensed BitAccess ATM in Vaduz by the end of the year!).
On top of "please redeem (move to another, more personal wallet) before:1st of April 2015" I will put a paper wallet with 5 CHF on it (I will print all of this on the 18th of february so at the exchange rate that day). The wallets will be mass printed from
I will take back any bitcoin not redeemed after the 1st of april. I'll post the results back here!
Edit: My Tardis broke down.
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Road to the Bitcoin Bowl

With 1900 miles and just over 24 hours travel time, the path to the Bitcoin Bowl is long but easily done. Over the next 4 days, two fearless members of the Denver Bitcoin Center are making the trip in a beat up truck, to make sure that Bitcoin users at the Bowl will have the opportunity to either buy or sell their bitcoins at a traditional style ATM. Along the way, they will be taking every chance they get to support and stop at some of the best known Bitcoin businesses to remind people that Bitcoin is here to stay.
If you don't already know, the Bitcoin Bowl in Saint Petersburg Florida is the first NCAA event were Bitcoin companies are the primary sponsors. This year we will see North Carolina State face off against University of Central Florida.
About the ATMs The two ATMs they are bringing are made by Bitaccess, a world leading Bitcoin ATM company. The ATMs allow you to purchase bitcoins by cash or a credit card. In addition, you can exchange your bitcoins for cash.
Below you can find just some of the great locations we plan too support.
Know of any excellent businesses that are on the way? Leave a comment and we would love to try to stop by.
Sister Cities Cajun and BBQ South Grand Boulelvard 4144 63118 St. Louis, MO
Flyte World Dining & Wine Division Street 718 TN 37203 Nashville website: phone: +1 615 255 6200
Eagle's Restaurant * 16th Street North 2610 website: phone: (205)320-0099
Greg's Hot Dogs * Birmingham, Alabama website: phone: 1 (205) 492-9172
BitPay Headquarters * Piedmont Road Northeast 3432 30305 Atlanta website: phone: 1-855-4-BITPAY
Cornerstone Modern Pub House * Houston Lake Rd 1291 GA 31088 Warner Robins website: phone: +1 478 988 0399
Stacey's Sweets * West Main Street 300 31632 Hahira website: phone: 229-375-9123
EDIT: Added the ability to use credit cards on the ATM, The teams who are playing in the bowl.
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Alternative to Exchanges - Bitcoin Atms and my experience

I read all these storys about these bs exchanges and how people cant get bitcoin so this is my way of buying bitcoin its not the cheapest but it is instant and you can see each bitcoin atms fees very quickly and sort by cheapest.
Rockitbitcoin- Total joke you only find out you must fill out an application and then be reviewed after you wasted your time going to one of there crappy atms I wasnt approved after 5 days.
greenleaf-they require a text msg for 0-500 and then id scan for amount over that but within minute i received 1 confirmation.
coinflip-my fav no id for up to $100 then text msg for up to $500 and id scan over that and they where the cheapest at 6% at that time.They also go off of bitfinex price and update live price plus 6%.Also very fast confirmations.
Anyway here is a link to the site check it out and see if it helps you gain some precious.
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05-12 07:06 - 'My journey to exchange BTC for Fiat via ATM' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Rossman01 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 979-984min

Great, you’ve earned yourself some money - but you were paid in Bitcoin. You know how to use it, but what if you need cash?? This is a great question, and likely one to be asked millions more times with the gradual adoption and use of Bitcoin as a fiat. Many Bitcoiners would love to have a place where they can quickly go and hawk some BTC. Well I had the same need and have embarked on a journey to do exactly that, and along the way, help others avoid some of the obvious pitfalls that come along with the effort. The plan is to periodically visit some of these ATM’s here in my local area and report as to whether they are really still in operation and if they are meant to dispense cash, are they? Are they in a good neighborhood or is it better to visit during the daylight hours, etc.?
The first location checked out is Marina Smoke Shop in Huntington Beach, CA (949-431-5122) - I called to verify it’s “2-way” status. The shopkeeper didn’t quite understand me and the store is only a few minutes drive from my house; So I took a trip to see the machine for myself. There are two things I could have learned before I arrived.. One, RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) - If I had only read into it further, I would have learned that at the bottom of the reviews on CoinATM Radar ([link]1 ) That there is a note lending to the type of coin and direction; then further down to simplify it, whether you can buy or sell or both from this specific ATM (This HB ATM is one-way -> Fiat to BTC). Two, even if you call the location, the shop keeper may have no idea what the ATM in their store does, since it’s likely the store owner isn’t the ATM owner. The lesson, do more research than you think is necessary before burning your gas. If you only need to buy BTC, this machine will work for you as of 05/01/2016. The machine type at this location is a “Genesis Coin”
Alas, my first search wasn’t so successful, I did learn the above and continue happily on my way through trial and investigative error. Additional investigation gave way to new excitement as I learned that Jacks Liquor near LAX (in the city of Inglewood) is also described as a two-way machine; it even appears that way locating the machine through the above link. Great!! With this information in hand, I decide to check it out without the need to make a phone call and head out on my way - an approximate 45 minute drive.
This machine is a bit off the Freeway and in a neighborhood I would call, a little “Sketchy”. It may be a “2-way” machine as advertised, but the one at this location turns out to have the exact same scenario as the other (set to “sell only”), so was a little disturbed when I realized it. Then, when asked why the machine wasn’t set for bi-directional, the little oriental man behind the counter who assumably didn’t speak a lick of English, raised his hands and shrugged. I left visibly perturbed and kicked myself for not making the simple phone call that could have helped me avoid this trip. So, for you my readers...This machine type is a “General Bytes” and only operates to “Sell”
Although the link shows this ATM as “Two-way”, it is not. It would not be wise to jump off a plane thinking you can quickly trade your BTC for cash here because it’s close to LAX - This machine at Jack’s is set to only Sell BTC to customers - not trade it back. Best to continue on to the Westfield Mall (Described below).
Had I continued up the Freeway another ten minutes or so (as suggested above), I would have made it to the Westfield-Culver City Mall where there is a Lamassu type 2-way machine (6000 Sepulveda Blvd CulverCity, CA - Located on the first floor near JC Penney) accessible during Mall hours. The notes for this machine indicate that it was recently updated in April of 2016 to 2 way status - That’s a good sign, considering it’s now only May 2016. I should have made a stop here before returning home from Jack’s, but then, I wouldn’t have started this article. Live and learn; instead, I’m heading there next in my continuing mission.
This was an interesting experience. I found the machine no problem, and using it wasn’t a technical feat; very easy. Click sell, click how much, then the machine displays the address to send it to; Also, if you have your “pairing code” on your iPhone or android, then you can make your transaction by showing it to the little window at the lower left hand area of the machine. Be sure to include the amount of a fee, as the blockchain will set your transaction to the side and not process it for a long time. This happened to me, which sent me on an additional quest: Make contact with the owneoperator of the machine for assistance. Both the Manufacturer of the machine and Owner were prompt, knowledgeable, friendly, sensitive to my situation and helpful in resolving the issue. In fact, The Owner (Kais ([email protected])) happens to live in my area, and due to the distance between me and CulverCity, offered to help me personally for future transactions. He also advised that there will be a new 2-way ATM HeroCoin will be installing in Corona, CA soon - This is a main route into and out of Orange County, out towards San Bernardino and out towards Barstow. This was a great outcome that could have gone completely the other way. Be careful with how much you send to yourself and be sure to include a fee, you may just end up waiting thousands of minutes until the miner-nodes decide it’s worth it to pick up. Thanks - Great customer service!
...and So, there I am.... next are some I haven’t yet visited, but plan to in my effort to flip out some Satoshis - and will update this string accordingly.
Further up the freeway, there is a 2-way machine at Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood -> 7522 Sunset Blvd - Los Angeles CA 90046 11am-9pm daily (Store Hours). This is a “BitAccess” machine where you send yourself some BTC by going to the website and depositing there (“”). The machine will hold it for you and has it waiting when you arrive to any BitAccess machine; it’s called “Remote Initiation Process” - The benefit described for this is no validation time required once you get there. It’s ready and waiting for you. It seems like a pretty good location considering the general BTC audience; “er, Comic Book Store?? ...Works on multiple levels“. I’ve not yet visited this store.
I also checked South on another machine (it turns out, there are two in the same complex area run by the same administrator) nearer to San Diego. I found an article claiming “California’s First 2-Way Bitcoin ATM” which was written in January 2016 and appeared in CryptoCoin News ([link]2 ... atm-opens/), considering the article is now several months old and the distance from me to Encinitas is long, I shot an email out to the machines admin contact ( I was again impressed with how the admin responded right away, confirmed that the machine (located in, “Surf Brothers Teriyaki” 274 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA) is currently working, and finally, asked to work with me to help avoid a wasted trip to an empty machine. I like that, prompt, professional, and helpful. The second machine is close by at Camino Village Plaza 256 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA. Although there are a couple of closer machines to check out, these two are going to stay on my list to visit. These machines are CoinOutlet type machines - I’ve been able to locate instructions on use for any of these machines on
Thank you for reading my post, I enjoyed writing it for you; this is not the end but just the beginning. I plan to continue visiting and reviewing more. If this article helped you to save Time, Gas, Confusion, Avoid costly mistakes or any other additional Effort... or if it helped you make a decision, pointed you toward the next awesome idea, or inspired you to other Greatness;
Please kindly consider donating to my bitcoin address:
Bitcoin donations of any amount will make me happy and keep me inspired to continue this journey. I also hope it will help educate and promote locations and the use of ATM’s to monetize BTC and get it to the Masses of people and into the mainstream Marketplace. If you are the owner or operator of a Bitcoin ATM located in Southern California and would like a visit and subsequent review of your atm location, Please contact me through this post or PM here at the website, Thank you very much.
My journey to exchange BTC for Fiat via ATM
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Author: Rossman01
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Investment Firm BiT Capital Commits $10m to Bitcoin ATM Startup

The BitAccess BTMs will also be the first to accept litecoin, the leading alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin. The machines already work with multiple exchanges, ensuring optimal real-time price quotes for users.
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How to buy bitcoin @ATM, Localbitcoin, and Exchanges How To Buy Bitcoin with Cash in Canada  BitAccess TheProtocolTV - YouTube CaVirtex et BitAccess comparaître devant le Sénat du Canada (français) Bitcoin ATM. Bitaccess Sample

Bitaccess is the world’s leading vendor of Bitcoin ATMs (BTM). Our blockchain machines allow anyone to deposit cash and instantly receive a digital wallet containing the equivalent in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, or exchange Bitcoin for traditional currency. Start using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily and quickly. Bit2Me Wallet incorporates: shared bank account number, asset trading, one-click cryptocurrency exchange, free and instant offchain transfers from 1 satoshi, infinite wallets, 2FA burglary protection, QR scanner, graph and price variation, detailed movement history and Testnet network support among many other features. Bitcoin Exchanges. Places to buy bitcoin in exchange for other currencies. Bitcoin Exchanges Note: Exchanges provide highly varying degrees of safety, security, privacy, and control over your funds and information. Perform your own due diligence and choose a wallet where you will keep your bitcoin before selecting an exchange. Bitaccess is the worlds leading vendor of Bitcoin ATMs, or Bitcoin Teller Machines. Our fully compliant software allows anyone to deposit cash and instantly receive a digital wallet containing the equivalent in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, or exchange Bitcoin for traditional currency. Send your Bitcoin to a crypto exchange. I use Binance and Kucoin predominantly, but I’m adaptable here as exchanges come and go. Use your Bitcoin to buy whatever altcoins you want. Send all your cryptos from your exchange to a cold wallet for safe storage. Never, ever, trust an exchange to store your cryptos. Make detailed notes of what you bought, how much and at what price. Basic ...

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How to buy bitcoin @ATM, Localbitcoin, and Exchanges

BitAccess - bitcoin teller machine We make Bitcoin simple. Explore our BTMs The BitAccess BTM is specifically built for Bitcoin with state of the art technology. Recycler Cash deposited into the ... - this is the best exchange where you can buy Bitcoins with EcoCash. There are tens of other payment methods to choose fro... Le 9 Avril 2014 Joseph David, chef de la direction de Canadian Virtual Exchange (CaVirtex), et Hassib Awan, co-fondateur de distributeurs automatiques de billets Bit Access, ont comparu devant la ... Latest Blockchain Tutorial for 2020 Blockchain Step-by-Step Guide Hey guys, if you are having trouble buying bitcoin without a credit card, you might find this video helpful. I apologize for the audio issue, I was recording with my microphone on my desk so it ...