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A Canadian's first real step into Bitcoin, not as hard as they say!

The first time I heard about Bitcoin was on the SecurityNow! podcast, episode 287. I remember Steve Gibson's thoughts on it were cautiously optimistic. The math checked out, but as with all good cryptographic technologies, only time will tell. That was in 2011. Do I regret waiting this long? Maybe. I don't know why I didn't just set up my own mining rig since at the time it was still somewhat feasible for a poor university student to get a cheap box with a couple of out-of-date graphics cards to eat up electricity (which was included in my apartment's rent at the time). I probably could have gotten a couple of 50 BTC rewards, but it just didn't seem worth the effort at the time. How wrong I was. I've been following bitcoin with a lot of interest since, although I've never actually gotten around to getting any.
Anyhow, onto this morning. I decided it was silly of me to continue paying such attention to bitcoin without even ever owning any. I never had any particular reason for keeping bits on hand, but if I were to buy any bitcoin I had better do it before the price gets much higher. I've seen lots of posts complaining about how difficult it was, so I tried to be smart about it. Here's what I did:
• Download Mycelium on my phone. Nice little wallet app.
• Sign up on
• Bought 130 CAD worth of BTC (mostly because that's all the free cash I had budgeted until next pay day).
• Sent a small test payment from my circle account to my mycelium wallet address.
I got it all set up in less time than it took me to type out this post! I just wanted to post this and let people know that it really isn't that hard to get into Bitcoin. The price is going crazy right now, so I definitely won't be putting my life savings into Bitcoin, but I think I'll probably treat it like an extra TFSA for a while, and just put some extra money into it from each paycheque. Just wanted to share!
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